What is Sysaix?

This blog is intended for anyone who is working with IBM ,Unix,Linux,Tivoli Storage Manager,Storage  and encountered problems.
I  write about usually AIX solutions. For example Migration AIX 7.1 to 7.2 or restore AIX from Network Installation Manager(NIM) and
AIX Tips, advice and articles I find interesting related to IBM AIX.
I try to write articles three day of a week.You can read here about many things of the world of AIX.
(NIM, Storage, Network, VIO, PowerHA, HMC, Performance Tuning,PowerVC,Live Partition Mobility,GPFS)
You can find last published technical bulletin about IBM AIX or IBM Power 8 Systems
and Tivoli storage Manager.I want to communicating with IBM World people.So visitors should write comment.
I have a newsletter for New posts.So you can join our newsletter bulletin

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